Click on thumbnail images to view the contents of each gallery.

These sixteen galleries contain a wide selection of Jane Lewis’s pictures.

The first nine are of pictures grouped together under subject or theme, some fitting quite specifically, others more serendipitously.

There is also a gallery featuring close-up details of paintings, and another showing a selection of sketchbook studies.

An Archive contains a collection of early works completed between 1978 and 1989. Here there are examples of both oil and watercolour painting, and in this instance each image is dated as a guide to the development of ideas and technique. There is a gallery of book covers where Jane's work can be seen in a another context, and a collection of memes created for social media.

The PRINTS FOR SALE gallery has original limited edition prints that may be ordered from this website.

An ORIGINAL WORKS FOR SALE gallery occasionally offers a small selection of works to purchase, via this website, directly from the artist's studio.