Hello Jane, I am doing research on your work for my art GCSE exam project.
I was wondering what is the inspiration behind Dressing the Cat and Dressing the Cat II? I am researching fur and how horrible the industry is and I wanted to know if those two pieces were somehow metaphors for that.
Thank you.

Praise for everything about you!

I was doing a 'where are they now?' of a few of Nicholas T's artists, prior to sending him a Xmas card, thought of you and was blown away, again, by the quality of your work. It's so lifelike, yet at the same time frozen and spooky, and like nothing else. I see the renaissance influence and its delicious combination with originality. I love your ethics; this is a new discovery about you for me, and you are right, you get a message across so wonderfully by this medium, better than just the horrid photos that give us nightmares. I used to work for Nicholas at Denne Hill and always said if there was one artist's work I would want in my home, it would be yours. You've done so much, too. 100% admiration.
Liz Poole

An interview for my blog

My name is Dagmar Kase. I have a long history in writing and recently I started a blog ( with a focus on veganism, animal rights, creative activism, feminism, responsible acts, and similar. The blog is reflecting my gratitude for people who respect all species and our environment, and who help to make the world a better place.
I contact you in order to ask if you would consider being interviewed for the blog?
Looking forward to hear your thoughts on this matter.
With friendly regards,
Dagmar Kase

Possible exhibition opportunity

Hi Jane,
My name is Joel Silverstein and I am a Curator/artist and vegan. With my wife, Julie and Seidman and Aimee Rubensteen, we have created an exhibition: Through Compassionate Eyes; Artists Call for Animal Rights. This is being done for The Jewish Art Salon of NY at The Charter Oak Cultural Center in Hartford, Ct. The opening is early October. We have been taken with your work and are wondering if you would like to show with us: Greyhound and/ or Vivisectionist. Both works are superb and fit right into our show. If you are interested in working with us, please contact me.
Joel Silverstein


Hi Jane,
I read about your wonderful work in Vegan Life and was wondering if you wanted to do an interview to be featured on my vegan blog?
It would be amazing to share your message and beautiful artwork with even more people :)
Thanks so much for your time.
Warmth & Light x


Hi Jane,
Love your work, would be thrilled to have you join our project!
Leigh Sanders

You're awesome

Yes you are

Your work

I am just in awe of your wonderful artwork. The use of color and imagination and whimsy. Just delightful.
Cheryl Carrington

I'm a New Fan

Your work is simply extraordinary ! I hope to have one of your paintings some day even the Itty bitty one ??
Carmen Ayers

Love your work!

Found your work in an accidental way and am overwhelmed at my good fortune. You are so very talented. I hope to have a piece of your art some day.
Linda Vegas

Lovely new gallery

This is nothing short of genius, I could and will spend hours here viewing familiar and unfamiliar work. Congratulations Jane; in addition the interview is excellent and well worth the read.
Graham Bennett

Your New Look Website

I really love the way you have rearranged your website galleries into themes Jane. I've looked through each one and your work looks divine. Very impressive! xx
Mira Bogicevic


Your work is absolutely fantastic - are the pastels oil pastels or chalk pastels - out of this world technique.
Thank you

[They are chalk pastels, Tharrie]

Your Art Work

Just love your art work!!
F. McCracken

New Fan!

WOW! I just discovered your amazing art! So exciting! I'm having a great time becoming familiar with your past works, and I'm looking forward to see anything new, here and on FB.
Best wishes, from Elgin, Illinois!

At Last!

Wow! - I've just read your interview in Lucky Compiler Magazine and I really liked the unusual way the questions were phrased and your (as per) eloquent responses . Great to have so many examples of your amazing work in it too, but it's all no more than you deserve after a lifetime's dedication!
Mira xx

Great Work

I remember Jane from the short time she spent as a guest artist at Leeds Metropolitan University in about 1992. Your pastels certainly inspired me, I'd never seen the medium used to such great effect before. Nice to see them again.
Diane Pemberton


Dear Jane,
Just to say – loved your art.
It was so good to see it after hearing about you often from your mum. We often speak of her. She was so proud of you.
I’m sorry my son will not get to see your Rye exhibition. He is a writer – Wesley Stace, and musician under his taken name John Wesley Harding. He would particularly love your major ‘ventriloquist’ piece, as he has my father’s ventriloquist doll, George – half of the main character one might say in his second novel “By George”.
With all best wishes
Molly Townson

Your gallery

I've followed your art for many years...I think I first saw them at Treadwells years ago...still inspiring and so good to be able to see so many in one place.
Paul Bryden


Hi Jane
Not sure if you will remember me. Garth of Garth & Tier.
I bought "Cupid" etching 6/6. I still love that work, and I hope that one day I can afford to buy another piece. Your allegorical imagery is stunning and totally mystical.
Tier died in 1994, and I moved to Somerset. It would be so good to hear from you again. One day in dreamland, I ask you to paint Tier for me. One day.
I hope to hear back from you and to come back to life. Continue to be one amazing artist.
Garth Hester

Kent Opera Show

Hi Jane
I have just been unpacking a lot of unframed drawings and discovered the lovely etching you gave me back in 1985 when I project managed the tour of your Kent Opera body of work. You will be pleased to know that I am about to have it framed (I could never afford it at the time!) and to begin to properly enjoy it. I have seen you will be showing in Rye in the Autumn and I am on their mailing list and will definitely come see the show. My print looks fab.
Best wishes
Stephen Turner


Visited today, your work is wonderful & inspiring
Sarita Kennedy Arden


Hello Jane,
I was so delighted to find your work - brilliant, inspired, masterful - among an ocean of works that should have never been painted!
I just discovered you today, navigating through the above mentioned ocean on the web... I also appreciate some of the artists on your links.
I am a sculptor originally from Transylvania, now living in Santa Fe, NM, a truly magical place.
If you will ever be around these parts of the world, I would be honored to be your guide/host for your visit.
Meanwhile, please know that I will visit your work many times, when in need for a glimpse of the divine.
With unbound admiration,
laila farcas-ionescu


Dear Jane,
You are such a great artist and I'm really amazed with your great work and your fenomenous imagination. I love your paintings and I hope that I can vizit one of your exhibitions in the future.
Keep up the good work! You are the best!

Boy and Two Birds

Dear Jane,
I purchased your painting of the "Boy and Two Birds" at the contemporary art show back in 1989. I loved it at first glance. Yes good thing I'd just sold a house and had some spare cash. I've always said if I'd had the funds I would have bought his companion which was also in a round frame. For some years I kept in touch with your work through Obsession of Dance but then I moved here to Tenerife. I lived in London 20 years and now here 15. I have prints of some of your other similar work and maybe one day can own another one or two. Must move back to main Europe soon and get my painting out of this dessert.
Best regards
yours Ray Liberatori


I have a beautiful card of Menagerie. I treasure this reproduction and wish I could have it in my home. I think you are very talented!

Fabulosa New Galleries!

I love all the new galleries that you've added to your website and in particular The Rabbit's Doll and all the latest watercolours. You are never too old to be wierd!
Mira Bogicevic X


I never write anything in these things as I'm very lazy- but I had to just express my amazement and love for your work, I'm completley under equipped wordwise to tell you how they make me feel, they are stunning. I stumbled onto your site through Andy Johnson's blog.
Simply wow.
Neil Emery.


I visited your website and I think your work is lovely. A beautiful world you are creating! Congratulations.
Silvano Braido.

Wonderful work

I feel I just have to write and say how wonderful your work is. So inspirational, just amazing. I am studying for a degree in fine art at Aberystwyth University, West Wales and I recently came across an article from an old art magazine. Though I work with waterclour paints I aspire to your style of painting, it is truly outstanding. I am 62 years of age and so wish that I began my career earlier, my end of year show is looming and at last I will have my degree. I hope to continue studying for my Masters and want to thank you. When I look at your work I know why painting has become such an obsession.
Many many thanks -
Victoria Jackson

So glad to have 'found' you!'s been...nearly thirty years-
your work is wonderful!
lots of love -
Henry Isaacs

Your work in my blog

Hello, dear Jane
I hope you like... I've a small blog and today... a little show of your work, if you don't mind.
Congratulations, you really have beautiful paintings.
Rolando Palma
Rolando Palma

Thank you Rolando, I am flattered that you have featured my work - and thank you for informing me, your courtesy is much appreciated.
- Jane.

Howden Park Exhibition

What a unique talent!
We are so lucky to have seen Jane Lewis' work exhibited at West Lothian.
- Margaret Hubble

I bet this is the best exhibition Howden Park will ever have! Looks great.

An inspiring exhibition!
Renaissance style reborn with interest and mystery.
- Roley Walton

A wonderful, exceptionally beautiful exhibition - thank you!

I thought the exhibition was very interesting.
- M. Forbes

Incredible talent, such unique ideas.
- Barbara Fitzgerald

Very impressive, most enjoyable. Almost photographic flesh tones - amazing.
- W P

It was very good!
- by Ariana (aged 9)

Stunning. I envy you your talent. World class.

Was fabulous. I loved every minute of it - was absolutely fantastic.
- Jenna

What an amazing exhibition. Very impressed.
- Gillian Douglas-Moody

Your work is beautiful.
I'm a photographer, my partner is a sculptor and we appreciate good art when we see it, well done.
Saving for three prints.

Excellent. A true artist. Warmth and depth.

Beautiful - does all that you intended, for me.
Interested to read about the digital prints - went back for another look.
- M. Searle

Some beautiful thoughtful and thought-provoking images.
Excellent work, and such a stillness.

I really like "The Persistent Dream", it has a lot of clarity. I immediately connected to the reference to the early Italian Renaissance artists from my own visits there and I think you have captured the essence successfully. I also felt there could be some influence from Magritte?


Beautiful digital teck.
- G. Laurie

Great Pictures

Nice paintings and a very good homepage.
Thanks, DJ


Artist friend,
I'm building a webpage and I'd like to add you as one of my favourite artists.
Looking forward for your answer.
Thank you,
Pedro Prata.


You have a peculiar manner to treat space and time, in a mannerist and metaphysic way. The result is a feeling of loneliness and lost in time. But thank God, cats are there to warm my heart!
Thank you, cats`God bless you' !


Remember me from the BBC? I would love to come to one of your shows.
Annie Millar x

I admire your works

Dear Jane,
I enjoyed visiting your web site and I admire your works, they are great.
Manohar Mohan.

Work looks fabulous

Hi Jane,
As always your work looks fabulous - you should be getting masses of commissions. The model in the portrait entitled "Fruit Hat" does look like your mother. Is it?
All the best,
Gloria Jones.

Thank you

Hi Jane,
Your website looks great, well done. Thank you for putting the link to us.
Very best,
Jess Wilder, Portal Gallery.


Hi Jane,
You've made a great job of the website, I've just had a good look through your amazing work, I hadn't realised how much of your work was in pastel and it's just stunning, you deserve a medal simply for using the mucky stuff.
I'm intrigued by your models, one of my favourite pictures is 'Icarus', the model in common with other pictures bears a strong resemblance to yourself.
All my best wishes,
Christine Pybus.

Great new design

That's a great new design, with fresh clarity appropriate to your work, and I was interested to see the recent pictures.
Neil Astley, Bloodaxe Books.


Congratulations! Your site looks absolutely fab - extremely professional and all the images are very clear.
Hope all is well.
XX Catherine Milburn

Lovely website

Hi jane
lovely website my love, and lovely to see you last Tuesday!
Tanya Cusan Espinosa


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